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John Guy Perrem

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Nyckelord: young people urban public space cities parks exclusion social fear qualitative childrens geographies right to the city mobilities resistance urban planning childrens rights contestation encounter

Mina kurser


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I completed my PhD at the Department of Social and Economic Geography at Uppsala University in November 2016. The PhD focused on the exclusion of children and young people in urban contexts. I am currently affiliated as a visiting teacher at the Department.

My research and lecturing interests are focused on urban public space, youth mobilities, children's rights, urban planning and various forms of urban contestation. 

Prior to working at Uppsala I attended university in Ireland where I attained an MPhil (Research Masters) on the social use of public space and a Bachelor of Arts (Joint Hons.) in sociology and geography from University College Cork (UCC). I have also completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Education on Civic Social Political Education (CSPE) and geography from University College Dublin (UCD).

Outside of academia I have been involved in the spheres of urban planning and education at primary and secondary level.


Urban Space Initiative


Spaces of Contemplation


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