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Jens Johansson

professor vid Filosofiska institutionen, Praktisk filosofi; Anställda - Praktisk filosofi

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Professor of Practical Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University. PhD at Stockholm University, 2005 (dissertation: Mortal Beings: On the Metaphysics and Value of Death). Previous positions: Senior Lecturer at Örebro University, 2005-2007; Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Oxford, 2007-2009; Postdoctoral Fellow at Stockholm University, 2009-2010; Senior Lecturer at Uppsala University 2011–2017.

Main philosophical interests: philosophy of death, personal identity, philosophy of religion.


Journal Articles and Book Chapters

"What Is Animalism?" Ratio, vol. 20, 2007

"Non-Reductionism and Special Concern," Australasian Journal of Philosophy, vol. 85, 2007

"Kaufman's Response to Lucretius," Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, vol. 89, 2008

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"20th Century Theories of the Self," forthcoming in Philosophy of Mind in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries, ed. A. Kind, Routledge

"Objections to Virtue Ethics," with Frans Svensson, forthcoming in Oxford Handbook of Virtue, ed. Nancy Snow, Oxford UP

"Deprivation and Identity," forthcoming in Saving Lives from the Badness of Death, eds. Espen Gamlund & Carl Tollef Solberg, Oxford UP

"The Lucretian Puzzle and the Nature of Time," forthcoming in The Journal of Ethics

"Well-Being without Being? A Reply to Feit," with Erik Carlson, forthcoming in Utilitas

"The Preemption Problem," with Olle Risberg, forthcoming in Philosophical Studies

Book Reviews

Review of Lynne Rudder Baker, The Metaphysics of Everyday Life, Philosophical Quarterly, vol. 59, 2009

Review of Nils Holtug, Persons, Interests, and Justice, Theoria, vol. 77, 2011

Review of Christopher Belshaw, Annihilation and Steven Luper, The Philosophy of Death, Mind, vol. 121, 2012

Review of Robert E. Goodin, On Settling, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, vol. 92, 2014

Work in Progress

Religionsfilosofi (textbook on philosophy of religion, in Swedish)

Editorial Work

Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Death, co-edited with Ben Bradley and Fred Feldman (Oxford UP, 2013)

Guest Editor of a special thematic issue of The Journal of Ethics (vol. 17, issue 1-2, 2013), including "The Benefits and Harms of Existence and Non-Existence: Guest Editor's Introduction"

One of two editors of Tidskrift för politisk filosofi, a Swedish journal of political philosophy

Publications in Swedish

Att granska sig själv - en ESO-rapport om den kommunala miljötillsynen, with Mikael Johannesson, Ds 2000:6

Review of Åsa Nordén, Har nutida fysik religiös betydelse?, Filosofisk tidskrift, 2001:3

"Är det dåligt att dö?", Unga filosofer, ed. Olof Franck, Natur & Kultur, 2002

Review of Thomas Hylland Eriksen & Dag O. Hessen, Egoism, Filosofisk tidskrift, 2002:1

"Nagels argument för asymmetri", Filosofisk tidskrift, 2002:2

Review of Torbjörn Tännsjö, Konservatism, Filosofisk tidskrift, 2002:4

Review of Rainer Carls, Om tro och vetande, Johan Lundborg, När ateismen erövrade Sverige, Sebastian Rehnman, Gud, kunskap och vara, Filosofisk tidskrift, 2003:2

Review of Ulf Jonsson, Med tanke på Gud, Filosofisk tidskrift, 2005:3

Review of 8 filosofiska texter, eds. Dan Munter & Kristian Löfgren, Filosofisk tidskrift, 2008:4

Review of Carl Reinhold Bråkenhielm, Verklighetsbilder, Filosofisk tidskrift, 2012:1

Review of Lennart Lundmark, Kort om döden, Filosofisk tidskrift, 2014:1

"Tiden och den döde," Filosofisk tidskrift, 2016:3

Review of Mikael Stenmark, Tankar om Gud, kristen tro och livets meningFilosofisk tidskrift, 2017:2


Translation into Swedish of Thomas Nagel, "Moral Luck," Vad är moraliskt rätt?, ed. Henrik Ahlenius, Thales 2004

Referee Work

Acta Analytica, American Philosophical Quarterly, AnalysisAustralasian Journal of Philosophy, Canadian Journal of PhilosophyDialectica, Erkenntnis, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Ethics, European Journal of Philosophy, Inquiry, International Journal of Philosophical Studies, Journal of Applied Philosophy, Journal of Ethics, Journal of Ethics and Social PhilosophyJournal of Medical Ethics, Journal of Moral Philosophy, Journal of the American Philosophical AssociationJournal of Value Inquiry, Mind, Philosophia, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophical PapersPhilosophical Quarterly, Philosophical Studies, Philosophical TransactionsPhilosophy and Phenomenological Research, Social Theory and Practice, Southern Journal of PhilosophyTheoria, Thought, Utilitas, Cambridge UP, Oxford UP, Routledge, Wiley-Blackwell.


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