Organisation and staff

Christian Benedict

researcher at Department of Neuroscience, Functional Pharmacology

+4618-471 4326
Visiting address:
Room B1:2 Uppsala biomedicinska centrum (BMC)
Husargatan 3
Postal address:
Institutionen för neurovetenskap
BMC, Box 593
751 24 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Keywords: diabetes sleep deprivation sleep obesity alzheimer memory lifestyle experiments cohort

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PI of the sleep group affiliated with the Unit of Professor Schiöth at UU

(Cell Phone: ++46-(0)70-425-02-15)

Team members: Dr. med. Jonathan Cedernaes (currently at Northwestern, Chicago); Frida Rångtell; Olga Titova (both PhD student); Peter Andersson, Swathy Karamchedu (both term students).

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My research is generously funded by AFA Insurance, Swedish Research Council, Swedish Brain Foundation, and Novo Nordisk Foundation.


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