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Dominic Power

tutor adviser at Department of Social and Economic Geography

+46-8 164839
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Svante Arrhenius väg 8, Rum X401
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Stockholms universitet
Kulturgeografiska institutionen

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Dominic Power is originally from Ireland. After working in England for a number of years he moved to Sweden in 2000 and is now a Professor in Economic Geography. His research is primarily on the cultural industries with a special emphasis on Sweden. Dominic also teaches on various topics and courses in economic geography and research methods.

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Research Interests:

Dominic’s research agenda focuses on the geographical foundations of business competencies and competitiveness and on the economic geography of contemporary economic change. Principally a series of interlinked projects on the cultural industries in Sweden forms the main focus of his research work.

In recent years there has been considerable growth in the importance of non-manufacturing based forms of production to the performance of many Western economies. This shift away from manufacturing has not simply meant a shift to a service based economy as many economies have become increasingly reliant on the production and export of activities and products traditionally considered ephemeral aspects of nations’ cultural lives. The contemporary importance of the entertainment sector to the US economy and volume of exports stands as testament to the fact that products based on cultural production have gained increasing ground in national, international and global trade. The Swedish economy has in recent years seen increased contributions being made by the media, entertainment and artistic sectors. The increasing prominence of these sectors in national economic life means that it is important that social scientists and policy-makers alike take note of the potential for economic development offered by these sectors.

In line with this interest in the cultural industries Dominic has done targeted sectoral work on:
• The design industry
• The music industry
• The fashion industry
• Branding
• Quality and craftsmanship
• Virtual worlds and 3D immersive internet
• Cultural industries mapping and conceptualisation
• Consumers in innovation
• Creative Business practices

Recent work and research also focuses on:
• Statistical studies of labour market dynamics and mobility’s role in industrial transformation and competitiveness
• The examination of cluster initiatives
• The theorisation of the cluster concept with the aim of assessing the role of clusters as tools for regional economic development.
• The geography of finance and financial services agglomerations
• Innovation policy and theory

He is Board Member of Swedish Government Council for Creative and Cultural Industries (Ledamot Rådet för kulturella och kreativa näringar)

Dominic has also acted as Scientific Advisor and Consultant to amongst others VINNOVA (The Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems), VISANU, NIFU-STEP, The Icelandic Finance Ministry, The Norwegian Department of Trade and Industry, the Nordic Innovation Centre, and The Nordic Council of Ministers.

He is Professor II at The Eastern Norwegian Research Institute, Lillehammer, Norway.

Number 17 in Veckans Affärer (Swedish 'Business Week') Supertalanger 2010.


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