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Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes

professor i farmakokinetik med farmakodynamik 99 vid Institutionen för farmaceutisk biovetenskap, Forskning; Translationell PKPD

018-471 4300
Rum BMC B3:4 Uppsala biomedicinska centrum BMC, Husarg. 3
Box 591
751 24 UPPSALA

Akademiska meriter: PhD

Mina kurser


Within the area of translational PKPD we address conversion of pharmacokinetic data from the preclinical to the clinical setting. This is strongly needed for optimizing drug discovery processes and promoting efficient treatment of CNS diseases.

We are interested in brain drug delivery in relation to transport processes of both small and large molecules across the blood brain barrier (BBB), where a quantitative role of nanocarriers is specifically studied.

Using the concepts and methodologies developed for the brain we are also exploring drug distribution in the lung. This is important for the design and evaluation of lung targeted drugs which may be administered by inhalation.

For this purpose, methods are being developed to help analyzing the pharmacologically relevant unbound concentrations in brain and other tissues.

Our work also emphasizes the importance of bridging the expertise within academia and pharmaceutical industry in order to seek excellence in method development for better therapeutics treating CNS and lung disorders. 

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